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Sep 30, 2012 11:35pm EDT
. romney has to connect with voters and seem relatable. >> joining us now to talk about this -- a guest from politico. thank you for being here. so much at stake for mitt romney on wednesday. what does he need to do to make an impact? >> he needs to change the dynamic of the race. all the indications are that he is a few points behind in the swing states. only five or six weeks left to resolve this -- he really needs to shake it up in a significant way. a lot of people are looking for him to put more specifics on the table. go to his website, there is not a lot of policy there. i think a lot of voters who have not made a decision will want to hear what he would do differently from president obama, not simply he thinks that he is doing a bad job. >> how important do we really think this debate will be in the whole campaign? 60 million people watched the first debates in 2008. everybody said the speech of the convention was a big deal. how important these think this will be? >> i think it is pretty significant. i do not think mitt romney has had many opportunities to change this deck. he
Oct 14, 2012 11:35pm EDT
look as strong if president obama really does in gate and give us his best night instead of an off night. one reason mitt romney looked so strong was the president obama had such a bad night. it was not his night. the question is, when there -- they are s -- more evenly best -- best game, who can come out on top? >> i want to end to talk about the late arlen specter. he passed away today of cancer. he was a perennial fighter through his career in some anyways. >> absolutely, a lion in the senate. 30 years there. combative, irascible -- these are all adjectives you here today to describe senator specter. he was a moderate, a dying breed, really, in the republican party, and that sparked the end of his own political career. he switched to the democratic side and then lost. he is known for grilling anita hill during the clarence thomas hearing. he is known for irritating and pleasing both sides of the aisle, sometimes at the same time. depending on the day. he really made his mark in the judiciary committee, brought the skills of a prosecutor to bear their in numerous confirmation hea
Oct 21, 2012 11:35pm EDT
.m. the libya issue will be one of the key topics in the debate. tell us if you have learned anything new from the president and mitt romney about that. >> i do not think we will learn anything new in terms of intelligence. we will see them face off again. last time they went at it, mitt romney came up the loser. >> the one thing about this whole situation is, at least with libya, its sole -- still seems the president does not have a full answer when it comes to the timeline and exactly what took place there. do we expect any kind of clarification to bar? some people are saying he should address the nation. do we expect any more clarification on the timeline? >> there is a problem in the community with the information they are getting. it took 14 days between the attacks and when the president the white house, and the intelligence community revealed it was a terrorist attack. >> they were getting reports real time, according to the washington post, over the last couple of days. that this attack was happening that there was no demonstration in front of the been gauzyembassy. an hour later you h
Oct 28, 2012 11:35pm EDT
ryan will be with us in just a moment. look at the satellite showing the storm moving off to the north and northeast and it's expected to make a quick turn to the west as we move through the evening hours tomorrow into tomorrow night and early tuesday morning making land fall. this is the projected time line for you. showing by monday 8:00 at night into tuesday not a tremendous amount of movement and that is why we expect so much rain across our area, upwards of five to ten inches not out of the question. already have a flood watch in effect for the district and surrounding counties. notice frederick county a flood warning has been issued and it is expected to arrive during the day tomorrow. also have a high wind warning for the entire area wind gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour. and on top of all the rain gary county a blizzard warning where they could see tix to 12 inches of heavy snow by the time this system moves of here. much more on the track and what to expect the coming week in a few minutes. >> a lot of you have been hi
Oct 7, 2012 11:35pm EDT
isaac dovar. thank you for being with us. how damaging was president obama's performance during the debate on wednesday is this >> a lot of people have been very concerned about it on the democratic side. and very excited about it on the republican side. because it really did change the tone of where things were for the past few weeks. the president was moving up in just about every estimation. and he had a real lackluster performance. let romney dominate things when it came to substance as well. and it has changed the mood of the race for sure. >> but that said, also something that might have changed the mood of the race a little bit, were those unemployment numbers that we had on friday. 7.8% unemployment. goes back to where the unemployment rate was when the president came into office. big impact? >> it's hugely symbolic for the president. that he has now not overseen a loss of jobs. on his watch. but 7.8% is still not a good unemployment number. not where anybody would want it to be. and that's where the president is suffering th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5